Goat Castle

The Goat Castle, which is located on the İzmir-Selçuk highway at 9 km of Selçuk, 2 km away from Belevi, 300 m high of Alaman Mountain just opposite Belevi Village, is like a warrior that challenges to manhood and the history in a position leaning his back on the sky … The castle, which is strategically located, was built during the Hellenistic period (300 BC-20 AD) and used later by Roman, Byzantine, Seljuk and Ottoman people. At a point where the Menderes Plain is dominant, it is a surveillance and control tower that keeps the Sardes way under control. This castle was used to observe for the Sardes trade route and to see beforehand the attacks to Ayasuluk Castle from the north and give information about it. Rough stone and brick were also used in the construction of the castle made of cut stone with a rectangular plan. The castle has two parts, the citadel and bailey. There is a depot in the north of the citadel. Water cisterns in the north of the castle about 1 Km away are also in ruins. This castle is a castle with many legends, but the most accepted legend is as follows; “The castle, which had never been conquered in the past, was easily captured without any bloodshed thanks to a genius idea. The night was waited for the castle, which had never been conquered until that day. Lanterns with candlesticks were attached to the horns of thousands of goats gathered from the area and they were driven to the castle. The castle officials put the goats coming towards them in the darkness of night down as a crowded army and left the castle, and after they fled from the back door, the castle was easily conquered. For this reason, this castle captured thanks to the goats, was given the name of Goat Castle.”

As you know, all the castles are for conquest. The Goat Castle was also conquered by Timur’s armies, then the Aydın Principality and finally the Ottomans in 1426. It remained a small garrison until the end of the 18th century and was also abandoned in the early 19th century. The goat palace may have been used as a monastery…! Archaeological investigations for the Goat Castle have recently focused on the possibility that this may be a monastery. Those who argue that a castle at such a height does not function think that it may be monastery. As it is known, the monasteries were built out of sight and difficult to reach places. They picked up poor and orphaned children they had gathered, educated this place as a clergyman, and then sent them around to contribute to the spread of Christianity.

Let’s think of Goat Castle as the center of attraction!

But how?

The Goat Castle must be protected and restored as soon as possible. If it is originally restored properly, if it is lit up, if a good arrangement for the ancient pathway is made, if a little easier transportation is provided and if a small authentic cafe is established, it will be an indispensable place for tourists. This castle is one of the most beautiful places where the sunrise and sunset looks is at its best. With bird’s eye view, it is a place where the most beautiful view of the Menderes River is present. Anyone who sips a cup of tea or a cup of coffee in front of these landscapes will be able to access the peace in a short period of time.

It will be called peace tourism…

Everything that cannot be reached is appealing to people. This charm is available very much in Goat Castle.

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